Sharing is Caring: Quetico Foundation


This month’s Sharing is Caring post (as in September’s post… we are educators. September gets busy…) is centered around Quetico Provincial Park. It is a special place for a lot of people and we wanted to feature a special organization that recognizes this: Quetico Foundation.

Who are they?

Quetico Foundation began in 1954 with aims to “assist in every way possible – and particularly through education, research and promotion, protection of the great wilderness and historical values and development of the recreational usage of the section of north western Ontario…commonly know as the Quetico area.”

Today they are much more than that. They do protect the environment of the region, but they also support the people of this region to. You can read below why we specifically enjoy them. 

What do they do?

Over the past years, Quetico Foundation has been able to:

  • Support the John B. Ridley research library of Quetico Provincial Park
  • Provide education-based programming for students from Lac La Croix First Nation and Atitkokan.
  • Support the publication of various educational and scientific publications, maps, and resources.
  • Facilitate collaboration between American and Canadian organizations to protect Quetico-Superior Wilderness
  • Conduct several studies on invasive species, shoreline assessments, heavy metal contaminants and more.

Why do we love them?

Quetico Foundation has a holistic approach in what they do. They support science; they support conservation; they support the arts; they support the very people who live in the region; they even support people from urban areas to visit the region. We appreciate that this organization recognizes that valuable land-based advocacy work must include all aspects of a region to truly build a healthier community environmentally, socially, culturally, and economically.

More specifically, Quetico Foundation recognizes that Canada is becoming increasingly urbanized and culturally diverse. It is less typical for youth to be able to access outdoor opportunities in areas such as Quetico. Therefore, they began the Ridley Wilderness Youth Program to support youth from Toronto District School Board to have immersive canoe tripping experience in Quetico Provincial Park. What sharing!

How can I share my love too?

The Mighty Dollar

Quetico Foundation has made it easy for Canadians to share their financial support. You can donate to them on Canada Helps.

The Social Media Train

Like them on Facebook. Subscribe to their updates. Get to know the work they do and feed yourself some positive news about the world. We need it!


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